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Sapporo Wards by Population

Below we present a list of the population of each ward in Sapporo Japan (2020 data). Sapporo is a large city. Whether you’re looking at Sapporo houses for sale or to rent an apartment in Sapporo, some basic data can help you to begin to understand the city and the difference between the various wards.

In general, Sapporo’s population is increasing, but not all of Sapporo’s wards are growing at the same rate. For more detail, see our post on real estate data for Sapporo Wards.

Population for Each of Sapporo’s Wards

Sapporo Ward Population Data (thru 2020)

Sapporo Wards2020 Population% Change Since 2010

Sapporo’s Most Popular Neighborhoods

The most populous ward in Sapporo is Kita-ku, the northern ward (which includes Hokkaido University), followed by Higashi-ku in the northeastern part of the city (where the Sapporo Beer Factory is located), and then by Chou-ku which is the central ward (which includes Odori Park, the main Sapporo train station, Susukino and other popular attractions).

While we can see Chou-ku is not the largest ward in Sapporo, in has grown the most in recent years, gaining 13% in total population since 2010. It is also the most expensive ward if you’re looking to buy a house or to rent an apartment in Sapporo.

Another area worth mentioning is Toyohira-ku (which includes the Sapporo Dome and Sapporo University). Toyohira-ku is located to the southeast of Chou-ku and the northeast of Minami-ku. Toyohira has also gained significantly in population since 2010 – adding 6% to the local inhabitants.

Wards in Sapporo That are Getting Smaller

And while the city of Sapporo is growing, some wards in Sapporo have seen a reduction in population in the last ten years. Minami-ku is located in the southwest part of the city. While it is the largest in terms of size, it is one of the least populated wards in Sapporo and has lost ~7% of it’s population since 2010.

The two most eastern wards – Atsubetsu-ku and Kiyota-ku – have also gotten smaller in recent years – each losing 2% of their population.

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