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    We work for you, not the real estate companies. We provide person-to-person introductions to prescreened agents that help you rent, sell, or buy property in Hokkaido. We search our custom database to connect you to real estate professionals who speak your language, address your needs, and are available now to help you find what you want.

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    Get free introductions to real estate professionals here in Hokkaido
    who speak English and can meet your personal property needs.

    Challenges when working on your own:

    • Websites are difficult to read
    • Research takes up too much of your time
    • Timezone differences make communication difficult
    • Companies don’t return your calls/messages

    Benefits of working with us:

    • Carefully-screened agents that communicate in English
    • Extensive database of agents, bankers, lawyers, tax specialists, and more
    • Help with properties located in Sapporo, Niseko, Asahikawa, and other cities
    • Independent service working for you (not the real estate companies)
    • Trusted, local Hokkaido-based company
    • 100% free service

    How It Works

    At Find Hokkaido Agents, you get person-to-person introductions to real estate professionals who speak English. Our service works like this:

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    We search our database of over 1,500 local agents to find what you want

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    English-speaking agents contact you directly

    Personal Service

    We follow up with you and the agents to ensure a good relationship

    Local Team

    Speak directly to our team of local Hokkaido real estate experts

    Free Service

    Our service is 100% free to you. No surprises.


    We respond to your calls and message within one business day

    Buying A House

    Buying property is easier with help from local Hokkaido real estate agents.

    House in Hokkaido for sale

    The first step in buying a house or property in Hokkaido is finding an experienced real estate agent that can help you communicate and answer your questions as you move toward making a purchase.

    You will want experienced guidance as you look for property for sale in Hokkaido. While some properties are available online, many houses, condominiums and land for sale are found via the Japanese multiple listing service (REINS) and the private networks of Hokkaido realtors. A qualified agent can help you access these properties.

    We provide free, person-to-person introductions to local, English-speaking real estate agents that will help you buy real estate in Hokkaido.

    Rent an Apartment

    Get help renting an apartment in Hokkaido.

    renting an apartment in Hokkaido

    Renting an apartment in Japan can be more complicated than other countries. It is a common practice in Japan to use an agent to help you communicate in your language, to see apartment listings, and to understand the deposits needed to move-in, etc.

    We provide you with local Hokkaido agents that are licensed to help you find an apartment in Sapporo, Niseko, Asahikawa, and other cities. A local agent will give you more options, can help you negotiate rent, and will make finding an apartment quicker and easier.

    We make person-to-person introductions to local, English-speaking real estate agents to help you rent an apartment, condominium, or house here in Hokkaido.

    Lease Commercial Property

    Buy or lease property for commercial use.

    Commercial Property in Hokkaido

    With more open land and a lower cost of living for your workforce than much of Japan, Hokkaido is a welcoming place for businesses and corporate relocation. If you’re looking to rent office space or lease commercial real estate in Hokkaido, we can provide you with available real estate agents that can help.

    We have pre-screened agents in our network with extensive expertise helping entrepreneurs and larger businesses buy or lease commercial real estate in Hokkaido.

    We’ll take your requirements and find you pre-screened agents that can help you find a place to make your business successful.


    FindHokkaidoAgents.com is a breath of fresh air when it comes to navigating real estate. I sent emails and made numerous phone calls with no success. It became a frustrating experience and I realized I needed some help. I can't believe how easy they made it. I would still be looking for an agent if it were not for their services.

    -- Richard, Nevada USA

    Find Hokkaido Agents lived up to their name and helped me find the best realtor in Sapporo to start my restaurant in Japan. They linked me to several English speaking realtors right away! I would highly recommend them.

    -- Matt, USA

    Thank you very much for your help. Your services are very much in need!

    -- Chris, USA

    I contacted Find Hokkaido Agents to help me connect with a tax professional in Sapporo. They did not disappoint. Within a few days, I had qualified CPA referrals to choose from! I wish I had known about them 3 years ago when I purchased my real estate in Hokkaido while living overseas.

    -- Ron, Hokkaido Japan
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