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FAQ About Real Estate in Hokkaido

What does FindHokkaidoAgents.com do?

We provide a referral service for real estate transactions in Hokkaido, Japan. Our service helps you by giving you a personal introduction to real estate agents who:

Speak your language, and
Are available and ready to work.
We save you time and help make your real estate search better, faster, and easier.

What kind of real estate transaction do you help with?

Most visitors to this site are looking to buy property in Hokkaido, or to rent/lease an apartment. We have an extensive network of agents that can immediately help you with those kinds of decisions.

Because we have so many real estate contacts in Hokkaido, of course, we know commercial real estate agents, lenders that can help you with property loans, real estate attorneys, immigration lawyers, Japanese tax accountants with a real estate specialty, property management companies, and more.

Is this service for foreigners or for the Japanese?

FindHokkaidoAgents.com is a company that makes referrals for real estate services. We work with clients from all over the world. We can make introductions to agents that can provide real estate services to help in Japanese, English, Chinese, and more.

Real Estate transactions are more difficult when you don’t live in Hokkaido – we make it easier by finding agents that speak your language and are ready to work with you – no matter where you live.

What does this service cost?

Our service is 100% free to you.

The real estate professionals in our network pay all the costs. There is never any charge for you to use this service.

How does FindHokkaidoAgents.com work?

We provide a free, fast, easy service to help you begin talking to real estate professionals that can help you buy property, rent, or lease an apartment – and many other aspects of real estate transactions here in Hokkaido.

You contact us, we create a basic profile for you that includes details about your real estate needs, then we contact our agents and find someone that is ready to talk with you in whatever language you prefer.

See our How It Works page for more information.

We save you time, help you overcome the language barrier, and make the experience easier for you.

Contact us now.

How do you choose an agent for me?

We are always helping clients like you and we communicate regularly with our network of agents. When you are ready, we will begin talking to them about you and your real estate needs. Based on your language, how fast you need to take action, and the type of property you want, we reach out and find available agents to meet your needs.

We keep records of all the agents we work with and chose the agents based upon their trustworthiness, history of replying to opportunities, and availability.

We are a Japanese company, located in Sapporo, Japan (Hokkaido) serving clients from all over the world.

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