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Otaru Real Estate Information

Below is our full archive of information on how to buy a house in Otaru, Otaru apartments for rent, local real estate agents in Otaru and much more.

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Otaru real estate is often serviced by real estate agents in Sapporo.

For more information on Sapporo, see these resources:

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Otaru Apartment Rent

As part of our series on Otaru real estate, we present our research on Otaru apartments and the average rent for an apartment in Otaru. While the population of Otaru is not that large, we get a lot of requests to rent or buy property in Otaru. When you’re ready to look at some specific […]

Otaru Housing Costs

How much does it cost to buy a house in in Otaru? Working as real estate consultants here in Hokkaido, we get a lot of requests for property in Otaru. And while there are Otaru apartments for rent, the typical request we hear for the area is to buy a house in Otaru. We have […]

2022 Otaru, Hokkaido Population (by Year)

As part of our series on real estate in Hokkaido, we present some population statistics for Otaru, Hokkaido. Otaru is a seaside city, with a canal that historically served shipping and business interests. Until the early 1900s, Otaru was a significant business and financial center, with substantial trading with the US and European countries. There […]

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