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Furnished Apartments in Sapporo Japan

For anyone coming to Sapporo for an extended stay, finding a place to live can be an important priority. It’s a big city and there are a full range of possibilities to consider in terms of Sapporo housing options. For many people with the intent to stay for a long time (or a lifetime), buying a house in Sapporo might be the right choice. For others, signing a lease (typically two years) for a Sapporo apartment might be a good solution. But for many others, a short-term lease apartment or a furnished apartment in Sapporo offers more flexibility and less commitment.

Long-Term vs Furnished Apartments

A typical long-term apartment in Sapporo begins with a local Sapporo real estate agent showing you available options and helping you to find a place where you’ll sign a two-year lease (along with additional Japanese fees for “key money,” broker’s commission, etc). For some, a commitment of two years may make the decision process more difficult. And then, once the lease is done, you move in, and the apartment is completely empty – not even a refrigerator (which is rarely the case in the US or other western places). For some, and particularly if you’re looking for property in Sapporo for a foreigner, that might feel like more than you are ready for as you first arrive in the city.

There are also furnished apartments for rent in Sapporo. Choosing a furnished apartment might make the process of moving to Sapporo easier. Furnished Sapporo apartments include just about everything needed to support you (and maybe your family) in daily life as you get to work or start school. They not only include furniture, but the prices (while more expensive) also include utilities. Furnished apartment leases in Sapporo are shorter than traditional lease, and thus don’t require as much commitment. Short-term furnished apartments are often more foreigner-friendly, and help eliminate other legal and financial barriers to getting started in Hokkaido.

At Find Hokkaido Agents, we can quickly introduce you directly to companies that manage local Sapporo furnished apartments. They will then arrange to show you available furnished apartments in Sapporo. In some cases, furnished apartments. Contact us for a personal introduction. We are happy to help.

Furnished Sapporo Apartments: Cost Vs Convenience

Compared to much of the world, Sapporo housing is very affordable, and that is also true for furnished apartments in Sapporo. A short-term, furnished apartment will typically cost more than a long-term lease, but the cost difference might be offset by the convenience, particularly if you don’t speak Japanese. Many parts of real estate in Japan for foreigners are more complicated, but furnished apartments are more prepared for foreigners and make things much easier.

Average Price For Furnished Apartment In Sapporo

For an example of costs, we did some custom research with several furnished apartment companies in Sapporo and can report the following:

  1. 1 BEDROOM/STUDIO: ¥113,750 ($1,020 USD) per month
  2. 2 BEDROOM: ¥125,000 ($1,070 USD) per month
  3. 3 BEDROOM: ¥160,000 (or $1,400 USD) per month

These numbers should help you to understand rental prices for furnished apartments in Sapporo. Your actually rent will depend on age of the building, the neighborhood in Sapporo, and the specific location with regard to shopping, the nearest train station, etc.

We pulled this research from partners in our network that manage furnished apartments in Sapporo. When you’re ready to see what options are available for you, contact us and we’ll connect you with agents that manage furnished apartments that can give you more specific details.

Average Rent Compared To Furnished Apartments

Now that we’ve looked at the average prices for furnished apartments, let’s compare them to apartment rental prices in Sapporo.


— Unfurnished/long-term lease rent: ¥37,350 (~$343 USD)
— FURNISHED/short-term lease rent: ¥113,750 (~$1,020 USD)
— 3-4X more expensive than a long-term lease

  1. 3 BEDROOM:

— Unfurnished/long-term lease rent: ¥80,000 (~$735 USD
— FURNISHED/short-term lease rent: ¥160,000 (~$1,400 USD)
— 2X more expensive a long-term lease

Based on our research here at Find Hokkaido Agents, we can tell you furnished Sapporo apartments are more expensive than long-term, unfurnished apartments. If you want to save money, and can make a longer commitment, you’ll pay a lower rent with a traditional apartment. There are other costs for long-term leases that are not included here (key money/commissions), but the difference in rental price is clear.

However, the shorter lease and a fully-furnished apartment might be more important than the cost and for many are an attractive option. While the furnished Sapporo apartment average monthly rent is higher than other options, it is much more convenient and might be much easier for renters that don’t speak Japanese. Also, you might only rent the apartment for a few months (which is not possible with long-term leases), and as you get to know the city better, you will be more prepared to sign a long-term contract or to buy property in Sapporo.

How To Rent A Furnished Apartment In Sapporo

The next step is to talk to apartment managers that can give you more specific information about where available furnished apartments are located in Sapporo, pricing for those specific units, etc. When you are ready to get started we can quickly connect you to companies that speak your language.

We are happy to help. Contact us to get started.

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