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Landed Japan, by Christopher Dillon

Landed Japan, by Christopher Dillon As part of our series on the best books about real estate in Japan, we are happy to present our review of Landed Japan (2018), by Christopher Dillon. We know from our research on the population of Sapporo, that the total number of foreigners living and buying real estate in […]

Japanese Real Estate Books

Books about Real Estate in Japan As a service to our clients, to students, and to professionals interested in Japanese real estate, we present our research on the best books about real estate in Japan. These books focus on Japan rather than any particular region, but wherever possible we have included details about Hokkaido real […]

Hokkaido International Schools

International Schools in Hokkaido and Sapporo For some families moving to Hokkaido, sending children to an English-speaking school may be part of transitioning to life in Japan. There is basically one international school in Hokkaido, and a few other options for English-language education. In this post we will share some information on English-language K-12 schooling […]

Lawyers for Foreigners in Hokkaido

Japan Legal Support Center and Japan Federation of Bar Associations There are two national services in Japan that might help foreigners find a lawyer in Hokkaido. These are services that can help those that don’t speak Japanese find answers to legal questions in Japan. Both services offer some help in English and other languages. The […]

Find a Lawyer in Hokkaido

Find a Lawyer in Hokkaido For business and other needs, foreigners and expats commonly need the services of a lawyer in Hokkaido. In fact, for foreigners trying to buy property or to extend their stay in Japan, a local Hokkaido attorney often provide services that are an essential part of a successful plan. In this […]

Buying Property in Hokkaido as a Foreigner

Buying Property in Hokkaido as a Foreigner There are many reasons why expats and foreigners want to buy property in Hokkaido. Sapporo, in particular, is a major city (5th largest in Japan), with excellent quality of life, and a reasonable cost of living. Hokkaido offers extensive opportunities to experience nature from world class skiing in […]

Find Real Estate Agents in Hokkaido

How to Find a Hokkaido Real Estate Agent As you consider buying property in Hokkaido, one of the most important steps is finding a local Hokkaido real estate agent that represents your interests and has the experience to help you make a smart purchase. This can be even more of a challenge (and even more […]

A Guide to Buying a House in Hokkaido

Steps to Buy a House in Hokkaido Buying a house is an exciting time and can be one of the biggest and most important decisions of your life. Japan is very friendly to foreign ownership of property. And while the process can be similar to what you may know from other countries, understanding the procedure […]

REINS is the MLS Service for Japan

REINS is the MLS Service for Japan Visitors to Find Hokkaido Agents come to learn more about how to buy Hokkaido property or about renting an apartment in Hokkaido. As part of that process, our visitors often ask: How can I view available properties online here in Hokkaido? Does Hokkaido have a multiple listing service […]

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