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2022 Population of Otaru, Hokkaido by Year

As part of our series on real estate in Hokkaido, we present some population statistics for Otaru, Hokkaido.

Otaru, A City by the Sea

Otaru is a seaside city, with a canal that historically served shipping and business interests. Until the early 1900s, Otaru was a significant business and financial center, with substantial trading with the US and European countries. There was a railroad connection to Sapporo, that helped pass goods from the see to the capital.

Otaru is a beautiful city, popular with both Japanese and International tourists. Like much of Japan, and many cities in Hokkaido, Otaru has seen population declines in recent years.

Otaru Population by Year

Here are the current populations totals for Otaru:

YearTotal Otaru Population
Source: City of Otaru, Japan

Is Otaru “Growing?”

Wikipedia cites Otaru as “growing” as a bedroom community, but for overall population, that is not accurate. It may be that a larger percentage of residents of Otaru work in Sapporo, and commute back to residences in Otaru, but overall the local population is in decline – where as Sapporo population is increasing.

In part as the city has been decreasing in population (as older Japanese reach end of life, and younger Japanese are more likely to move to bigger cities), the real estate prices in Otaru are relatively low, and there is some demand based on the perception of low-cost real estate in Otaru and other Otaru housing.

Otaru Real Estate

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