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What Countries Do the Foreigners in Niseko Come From?

As part of our reporting on real estate in Niseko and foreigners living in Niseko, we supply some data about which countries have the largest populations of foreigners living in Niseko.

Foreigners in “Niseko”

As we say in our other posts about the Niseko local economy and the various population of Niseko statistics, what locals and visitors call “Niseko” is not clearly defined, and depending on the source, discussions of Niseko can include Niseko town, and probably also Kutchan town (which has a bigger local population than the small town of Niseko), a third small town called Rankoshi, and often the surrounding region as well.

Population of Foreigners in the Niseko Region, by Country

As the population of International people residing in Niseko depends on the season, accurate data is difficult to collect. The data below can help suggest general trends for the country of origin of Niseko’s foreign-born population:

Foreigners in Niseko, by Country of Origin

Country of OriginPercentage of Foreign Population
New Zealand5%
Source: From demographic data reported for Kutchan Town

This table presents includes data for Niseko’s foreign residents (not the overall population). For more complete data, see our report on the Niseko population by year.

Niseko’s International Population by Year

Niseko’s overall population has declined somewhat in recent years. However, the population of foreigners in Niseko had mostly increased in recent years, leading to an increasingly large percentage of International people living in Niseko vs the original Japanese.

Percentage of Foreigners in Niseko, by Year

YearPercentage of Foreign Population in Niseko
Source: Data calculated by Find Hokkaido Agents, based on previous reports

From 2012 to 2022, the percentage of foreigners reported to be living in Niseko increased from 1% to approximately 4%. It may have been as high as 7% in 2020.

In a separate report we provide more detailed statistics for Niseko’s foreign population by year.

Niseko Foreigner Demographics

Data on the ethnic background of foreigners living in Niseko is based on small data samples. As we describe in our article on The Niseko Story, Niseko is a very seasonal place. There are large changes in the population every year during winter, as Niseko’s perfect powder snow brings both visitors and additional workers to the Niseko region.

While the data is small, the trends in Niseko population may be easier to see. The overall population has declined somewhat. However, the percentage of people from foreign countries living in Niseko continues to grow.

Niseko Real Estate and Foreign Buyers

Most real estate in Niseko is owned by the Japanese (both historically and currently). However, perhaps more than any other part of Hokkaido, foreigners buying Niseko real estate make up a sizeable percentage of transactions.

From the details in this report, you can imagine that Australians are heavily represented as Niseko real estate buyers (and some of the sellers as well). And Asian investment from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and the rest of the Chinese diaspora is also significant. The arrival of shinkansen (“bullet train”) service from mainland Japan, through Hakodate then Sapporo then Otaru, and then on to Niseko, will likely further encourage these trends.

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