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    Rent an Apartment, House, or Condo in Hokkaido

    We make person-to-person introductions to local, English-speaking real estate agents to help you find Hokkaido apartment rentals or even rent a house in Hokkaido.

    We will:

    • Search our exclusive database to find available agents for you that speak English
    • Connect you to multiple local agents that rent Hokkaido apartments
    • Prescreen the agents to ensure they understand your needs and are ready to work for you
    • Provide apartment rental options for you in cities across Hokkaido including Sapporo, Niseko, Asahikawa, and more

    Hokkaido Apartment Rental Agents

    For both new-comers to Hokkaido and long-time residents, renting an apartment in Sapporo or one the other beautiful cities in Hokkaido is a popular choice.

    The real estate agents in our network have access to both public and private listings of apartments in Hokkaido, Japan. They will review your profile, talk with you, show you some choices, and then arrange for you to see your favorite properties (in person or via virtual property tours).

    Apartments in Hokkaido

    There is typically a high volume of available apartments in Hokkaido. In most cities, three, four, 10, and 20-story apartment buildings are common. Most individual apartment units in Hokkaido are of a smaller size – such as “one-room mansion” studio apartments and one bedroom apartments. However, large apartments in Hokkaido are also available.

    The Japanese typically talk about apartments using “LDK” to indicate the size. “LDK” stands for “living room, dining room, and kitchen.” So “1LDK” is a one-bedroom apartment (with a dining room and a kitchen), “2LDK” is a two bedroom apartment, etc. Larger units of “3DLK” and more are also available – a local Hokkaido agent can help show you your options and explain more details.

    Contact us to get started.

    Average Rent in Hokkaido

    The average cost of a Hokkaido apartment rental depends on many factors.

    For a rough estimate, consider a general range of approximately ¥50,000 – ¥100,000 per month (~$460 – $920 USD). Prices range based on a variety of criteria including proximity to a local train or subway station, the size of the unit, how modern (or old) the building is, the neighborhood, the quality of view, and other factors. Apartments in Hokkaido with parking spaces are more rare than in equivalent major cities in other countries (parking will also add to the cost).

    For more specific examples, see our research on average rent for apartments in Sapporo.

    Apartment Rental Contract

    When renting an apartment in Japan versus other part of the world, one of the main differences is the length of the contract. Renting an apartment in Hokkaido often requires a two-year contract. There are monthly apartments in Hokkaido (as well as furnished apartments for rent), but most Japanese rent in two-year periods, often beginning in April of each year, and renewing each year beyond that.

    Apartment Rental Fees in Hokkaido

    There are various fees associated with renting an apartment in Japan. You have the usual security deposits, but also fees for agents and “key money.” There can also be an additional fee for a guarantor company. Some of fees occur again as you renew the apartment’s lease as well.

    Dealing with the contracts, understanding the fees, and speaking the language of apartment owners in Hokkaido are all part of the service you can expect from a local real estate agent.

    When you’re ready to talk about renting an apartment in Hokkaido, we make your search faster and much easier by connecting you with local real estate agents that speak English and are available to help you find what you need.

    We work for you, not the real estate companies.

    We provide person-to-person introductions to prescreened agents that help you rent, sell, or buy property in Hokkaido. We search our custom database to connect you to real estate professionals that speak your language, address your needs and are available now to help you find what you want.

    Local. Trusted. 100% free to you.

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