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Average Cost of a House in Sapporo

How much does it cost to buy a house in in Sapporo?

That is a common question for new arrivals and for those that are getting ready to buy a home in Sapporo. Housing prices in Sapporo, of course, cover a full range from bargains to relatively expensive property. We can provide some sample housing costs, and when you’re ready to get started, we can introduce you to local real estate agents that can be specific and help you find what you need.

Average Sale Price for a Sapporo House

The specific cost of a house in Sapporo will be influenced by three major factors: The age of construction (how old is the structure), the type/quality of construction (wood, concrete, etc), and the location of the house. Housing prices vary substantially, even on the same street, and certainly when comparing different neighborhoods.

For now, as an estimate (based on our 2023 analysis), you can assume that:

  • The Average cost to buy a house in Sapporo is ¥27,620,266 (or ~$188,537 USD)

Below we’ll provide more examples to help you understand a range of prices.

First, however, we’ll provide some detail about how the price of a Sapporo house compares to other international cities.

Sapporo Housing Cost vs Los Angeles/London/Tokyo Home Prices

For a rough comparison, an average home in Los Angeles is approximately ¥71,000,000 (~$650,000), in London UK the average home price is closer to ¥76,500,000 (~$700,000 US), and for central Tokyo, an average home price might cost around ¥58,000,000 (~$530,545). Based on these other major cities, you can see – relatively speaking – Sapporo offers a lower entry cost for real estate versus other major cities internationally.

These numbers are broad estimates. And your specific choices for the style of the house, the age/materials, and the location will have a big impact on what you should expect in terms of Sapporo housing costs.

For more information, you can see our post on Sapporo Wards Real Estate data – where we compare Sapporo rent and sale prices for each of Sapporo’s wards. For now, we’ll draw from our research and highlight three wards to show a range of recent purchases prices for Sapporo houses.

Least Expensive Sapporo Housing Costs – Minami-ku

Of all of Sapporo’s Wards, Minami-ku offers the lowest average home cost at ¥19,465,318 (or $133,196) – 30% below the Sapporo average. Minami-ku is the largest ward in Sapporo, is the least urban, and has a declining population (see Sapporo wards by population. With more space and available land, and with a greater distance (in some cases) from the city center, lower real estate prices are common.

Middle-Value Sapporo Housing Costs – Kita-ku

Sapporo’s Kita-ku (home of Hokkaido University) is a more well-rounded example. The average cost of a house in Kita-ku is ¥25,508,605(~$174,545), or 10% below the average price for a Sapporo house. Kita-ku is relatively central, is growing, and housing costs for that region more appropriately average if you want to understand Sapporo real estate trends.

High-End Sapporo Housing Costs – Chuo-ku

The central Chuo-ku ward in Sapporo generally has the highest price for a house in Sapporo. An average price for a home in Chuo-ku might be ¥52,113,475(~$356,600) – or 89% higher than the Sapporo average. Chuo-ku includes all the downtown neighborhoods, the housing near Odori park, and the Maruyama Koen area (all high-demand, very convenient areas).

Depending on your choices for the age of the building, the materials, the view, parking, etc, you could spend much more than the prices listed here to live in Chuo-ku.

See our full post for more on housing costs for all Sapporo Wards.

Find a Real Estate Agent to Buy a House in Sapporo

The Sapporo real estate agents we work with can help you determine your needs, make recommendations about where to buy a house, can provide more specific home prices, and can help you see available houses for sale in Sapporo. Our service is free to you.

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