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Apartment Rental Prices in Sapporo

“How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Sapporo?”

This is a common question. First, we can give you a range of prices to help you rent an apartment in Sapporo. As you are ready for more specific information, we can introduce you to local agents that will help you with your personal choices and preferences – it is those choices will truly determine rental prices available to you.

Average Rent in Sapporo

Based on our internal research (August 2023), you can assume the average rent for a Sapporo apartment is approximately ¥50,465 (or $345) per month. That is a very broad estimate. And your personal choices will mean you could pay more or less than that.

The primary factors that will impact the cost for a Sapporo apartment are, the size of unit (how many bedrooms), and the location (which of Sapporo’s wards – real estate data).

Below is some more Sapporo rental data to help you plan to find an apartment.

Average Rent for a One-Room or “Studio” Apartment in Sapporo

For comparison, a one room apartment in Sapporo (“1R” or a “one room mansion”, what we would call a studio in the West) costs about ¥31,222 (~$214) per month, about 38% less than bigger options.

A one-room apartment with a distinct kitchen and or dining area (1K or 1DK) rents for ~ ¥36,834 (~$252) per month, about 27% lower than a more average sized unit.

Average Rent for a One Bedroom Apartment in Sapporo

We begin to get closer to “average” cost when we look at the rental price for one bedroom apartments in Sapporo (1LDK) of ¥50,407 (~$345) per month. That price should allow for a separate living room area. You might also find a two bedroom apartment for that price, but one that does not include a living room (2DK).

Average Rent for a Two Bedroom Apartment in Sapporo

A larger place, perhaps a more standard two bedroom apartment in Sapporo (2LDK) costs ¥65,428 (~$448) per month. A three bedroom without a proper living room (3DK) would be about the same price.

Average Rent for a Three or more Bedroom Apartment in Sapporo

Finally, a very large apartment of three or more bedrooms in Sapporo might cost ¥91,830 (~$735) per month.

Other Factors That Impact Rental Prices in Sapporo

Several other factors can impact the cost of rental units in Sapporo, including the age of the building, the style of the apartment (2 story “aparto” or high-rise “mansion”), parking, proximity to a convenient train station, and which area or ward in Sapporo you choose to live in.

For more information see our post on rental price data for Sapporo wards.

Find Apartment Rental Agents in Sapporo

The Sapporo apartment agents we work with can make recommendations about where to live, they can provide more specific pricing, and then can help you see available apartments for rent. Our service is free to you.

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