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Sapporo Real Estate Agents

Sapporo is the fifth largest city in Japan, and the largest city in Hokkaido. The vast majority of the population of Hokkaido is located in Sapporo, and that is where the majority of the real estate is located as well. When you’re ready to find a real estate agent in Sapporo, you’ll have many choices.

Referrals to Sapporo Real Estate Agents

At Find Hokkaido Agents we have the largest database of real estate agents in Hokkaido. We specialize in providing personalized introductions to pre-screened real estate agents in Hokkaido that speak English and other languages.

We can help you find several qualified agents in Sapporo. Contact us to get started.

English-Speaking Agents

There are hundreds of real estate agents in the city of Sapporo, but most of them speak and do business in Japanese only. If you cannot speak or read Japanese, it can be difficult for foreigners to buy property in Hokkaido or find agents that speak English and are willing to work with international clients.

We have relationships with real estate agents that speak not only English, but other languages as well including Chinese, Korean, Thai, Russian, Vietnamese, French, and more.

Local Sapporo Agents

With existing relationships with hundreds of agents in Sapporo, we can find you an agent that specialize in Chuou-ku property, houses or apartments in Kita-ku, or a variety of housing in the other wards of Sapporo. We can provide specific introductions with agents that specialize in a particular area, and can help you buy a house in Sapporo, rent an apartment for a long stay, or find furnished apartments in Sapporo (typically for shorter stays).

Difficulty for Foreigners

International buyers and sellers that try to find an agent in Sapporo often have difficulty reading local websites or speaking on the phone to Japanese-only employees at Sapporo real estate companies. When you leave a voicemail, or send an email, some Japanese agents are reluctant to engage due to language difficulties and cultural shyness. The process can take a long time and can be frustrating for foreigners that need to find a place to live.

We Make it Easy

An introduction can make a big difference. We make the process quick and easy, and help you find experienced agents that want to help and are available to start right away. We offer a a very personal service, and we even follow up to make certain the agents contact you.

The first step to finding an agent is to answer some quick questions and to complete a buyers profile. We then take your answers, and search our database for agents that speak your language and specialize in the kind of property you want. We then contact the agents, confirm they are available, and you’ll the agents will contact you directly (typically within 48 hours).

For more information, see our How it Works page.

We are located in Sapporo and have personal experience working with local agents to buy and rent property in Sapporo. We understand the challenges and that is why we created Find Hokkaido Agents: To help make this process more successful for both clients and agents in Sapporo.

Other Services

In addition to real estate brokers in Sapporo, we can provide introductions for other cities (like Niseko, Asahikawa, Otaro, or any populated area in Hokkaido). We also provide referrals for other services like Hokkaido immigration attorneys, independent Sapporo home inspectors, real estate tax consultants in Sapporo that can help with foreign transactions, and many other needs related to real estate or doing business in Hokkaido.

We are happy to help. Contact us to get started.

We work for you, not the real estate companies.

We provide person-to-person introductions to prescreened agents that help you sell, buy, lease, or rent property in Hokkaido. We search our custom database to connect you to real estate professionals that speak your language, address your needs and are available now to help you find what you want.

Local. Trusted. 100% free to you.

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