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Single Family Homes in Sapporo, Japan

Sapporo has a full range of housing options. Our in-house research shows that while many people live in apartments, almost 50% of renters and buyers choose single-family homes or detached homes in Sapporo.

While all the places in which we live are considered housing, “a detached house” in Sapporo is typically a building that “stands alone,” on its own land, and doesn’t share walls with another home.

Another traditional term for this kind of property is a single family home. That “single family” distinction separates single family homes in Sapporo from other forms of real estate like a condominium (often called a “mansion”), a duplex, or other forms for “multi-family” homes in Sapporo.

Single-family, detached houses in Sapporo are more common in locations that are not densely populated. Single-family houses tend to be associated with suburban neighborhoods, whereas multi-family properties are more common in “downtown” locations.

Single Family Houses for Sale in Sapporo

The decision to buy a detached home in Sapporo home is often a part of a particular lifestyle choice.

Maybe you want more space, more privacy, or some control over the construction and changes to the structure of the house. Maybe you want to live in a quieter part of the city (as opposed to downtown). Maybe a yard is important, with a place to spend time outside, or to do gardening. These are all common reasons to want to look at Sapporo single family homes for sale.

There is also a long tradition of couples getting married, buying a home, and raising children together. A detached home for a family in Sapporo can allow for a larger living space than some apartments. A large home can offer more space for children, older parents living with the family, and even larger pets like a dog. The combination of a detached home, access to good schools (or the Sapporo international school), and a safe, quiet neighborhood where kids can play, can provide an incentive for a family to buy a house in Sapporo.

As you begin the process of buying a home, after you have a sense for your budget, contact us and we can introduce you to a Sapporo real estate agent that speaks your language.

Sapporo Detached Home Prices

Prices for homes in Sapporo depend on many factors. Factors that can impact Sapporo home prices include the age of the house (new construction can be more expensive), the location, the size, the particular features, etc. A smaller, older home in Sapporo, even in a good location can potentially be less expensive than a newer, larger home, that is farther away from the city center. Your needs and choices will have a big impact on what you pay for a home.

As a very rough estimate, our research shows the average cost to buy a house in Sapporo is ~¥25,043,995. All of the factors we mentioned above can influence home prices in Sapporo. The location is often a key factor, and we provide more detail on Sapporo housing costs in our report on the Sapporo “wards” (neighborhoods).

Buying a house is typically a substantial investment, but – depending on your choices – a detached home in Sapporo can potentially be less expensive than condominiums or other multi-family options. Choosing to live in a single family home can be luxurious, or affordable, depending on your needs.

Renting a Single Family Home in Sapporo

The term detached home can also apply to rentals. In addition to buying, it is sometimes possible to rent detached homes in Sapporo.

Sapporo houses for rent can be desirable for similar reasons; more space for family and pets, more outdoor space, places to park a car, access to yards and nature, and more.

The monthly rent for a single family home in Sapporo (much like the cost when homes are purchased), will depend on the age of the house, the location, etc. We provide some average rent for Sapporo houses in our view of the Sapporo wards.

Renting a single family home in Sapporo can be more difficult than an apartment. And as there are fewer detached homes for rent in Sapporo, you’ll have fewer choices.

In single-unit rentals properties like detached homes, the owner’s monthly revenue depends on just the one renter: they are more vulnerable to risk (within a given property) and may seek out renters they think will be easier to rent to, or more stable; which can also make it harder to rent a home in Sapporo as a foreigner. Many property owners that rent homes in Sapporo will manage those properties themselves (as opposed to having a property management company in Sapporo), and because many owners only speak Japanese, they may see renting to foreigners as too difficult. Many local property owners will see Japanese renters as lower risk than foreign renters. Foreigner renters may find the renting process easier when they seek out apartments, condos, and “mansions.”

The local real estate agents we work can help you decide if a detached home is right for you. Contact us, and we’ll help get your started.

Concrete versus Wooden Detached Homes in Sapporo

For various reasons, including a lower cost and the ability to survive an earthquake, reinforced concrete is a very popular form of construction. For larger buildings, this is especially true; most multi-family construction in Sapporo is made from concrete poured into re-enforced forms.

However, when building Sapporo detached homes, wood is the most common construction method. Approximately 97% single family homes in Sapporo are made of wood.

There are also other forms of construction, including the incorporation of steel, or a combination of wood and steel.

Earthquakes are a common concern in Japan, but with modern construction techniques, many buildings can endure even relatively large earthquakes. Reinforced concrete may be ultimately stronger (less likely to collapse), but in a major earthquake can be more susceptible to damage from cracks. Wooden structures can bend and shift more easily, which can make them weaker, but the inherent flexibility can escape some minor damage that might occur with more rigid concrete buildings.

Real Estate Appreciation for Sapporo Single Family Homes

It is generally true that the Japanese prefer new construction. Perhaps as a consequence of that, home prices often depreciate (lose value) in Japan.

While in places like the United States, a home will remain standing for 30, 40, even 100 years (with multiple owners, sometimes with partial remodels along the way), in Japan, older housing is often demolished, and a new house is constructed on the existing land.

Property values in Sapporo can sometimes appreciate more than in other parts of Japan, but the structure itself will likely depreciate, with most of the value being attributed to the land rather than the structure.

New Home Construction in Sapporo

Because of the preference for new homes, many detached homes in Sapporo are sold directly by a home builder (that will build the buyer a new house). These can be fully custom homes on an individual plot, or a planned home in a neighborhood owned by a developer.

A new home developer will most likely act as the real estate agent, selling the property, helping with a real estate loan (if necessary), and then building the home for the client.

For buyers that want help understanding the process, identifying a respected builder, or choosing the right neighborhood, sometimes an independent real estate agent can act as a consultant as the buyer purchases a new home, but typically won’t earn a full commission.

For introductions to agents or new home builders in Sapporo, contact us anytime.

Second Hand Houses in Sapporo

Houses that are not newly built are sometimes called “second hand” houses in Sapporo. They can also be referred to as “used houses.” While in other countries, most housing is used again and again by multiple owners, the desire for newly built housing in Japan makes this idea somewhat less common. While a buyer in America might say “I want to buy a house” and will almost certainly mean a house that was built some years ago, in Sapporo if you want a second hand home, you can communicate that to your agent.

While older homes can have some challenges, they can be less expensive than new construction.

Remodeling a Detached Home in Sapporo

It is also possible to buy a used home in Sapporo and then remodel it – called a “reform” in Japan.

A reform or renovation can be as simple as updating the counters and cabinets in the kitchen, to a more substantial change like removing a wall, or adding additional rooms to the structure. In any case, there is also the opportunity to invite the builder and the architect to be a part of the buying process, to be sure any desired changes are possible and within your budget.

Home Loans in Sapporo

The Japanese government encourages home ownership, and often offers very friendly terms for home buyers when the home will be their primary residence. Very low-rate loans are available and relatively easy to qualify for in many instances.

For foreigners that want a loan for property in Sapporo, the situation is more complicated. Assuming a foreigner buying a detached home in Sapporo has a long-term visa (a working visa, a spousal visa, etc), some options may be available.

We have a internal report on loan opportunities for foreigners in Hokkaido. For more information, contact us.

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