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Paying Tax in Sapporo Japan

Taxes are important and can be complicated. There can be specific concerns when you’re buying real estate in Sapporo as a foreigner. When you are unsure or need help, there are resources and local tax offices in Sapporo that may help you to understand the Japanese income tax system and answer questions about real estate taxes in Hokkaido.

Below we’ll provide information on the Sapporo tax offices, some free tax help for foreigners in Japan, and some recommendations for finding a tax accountant in Sapporo. For a broader review, see our post on taxes in Japan.

Visiting a Tax Office in Sapporo

Making a visit to a Sapporo tax office could provide several benefits.

For those that speak Japanese well, some interactions can be done via the phone. But if your Japanese is less functional, visiting a local tax office in Sapporo may make communication easier.

For simple tax scenarios, you can often visit a local tax office to file a tax return in Sapporo. This is common for many local Japanese. No appointment is necessary.

If you need to file an income tax return in Hokkaido or ask related questions, you’d visit a national tax office in Sapporo. For help with inhabitant tax, real estate acquisition tax questions, property tax, applications for tax exemptions, etc., you’d visit a local tax office in Sapporo. Below we provide examples of both.

National Tax Offices in Sapporo

Sapporo Naka Tax Office (Part of Chuo-ward)
Sapporo Kita Tax Office(Kita-ward, Higashi-ward)
Sapporo Higashi Tax Office(Shiroishi-ward, Atsubetsu-ward)
Sapporo Minami Tax Office(Toyohira-ward, Minami-ward,Kiyota-ward)
Sapporo Nishi Tax Office(Part of Chuo-ward, Nishi-ward, Teine-wad)

City Tax Offices in Sapporo

Chuo City Tax Office(Chuo-ward, General)
Hokubu City Tax Office(kita-ward,Higashi-ward)
Tobu City Tax Office(shiroishi-ward,Atsubetsu-ward)
Nambu City Tax Office(Toyohira-ward, Kiyota-ward,Minami-ward)
Seibu City Tax Office(Nishi-ward, Teine-ward)

Free Tax Advice in Sapporo for Foreigners

Sapporo International Communication Plaza (located near Odori Koen) has a Tax Returns Seminar & Consultations for Foreign Nationals. This seminar is available each tax return season, usually in February. Japanese Certified Public Tax Accountants explain essential information on the process of filing individual income tax returns in both Japanese and English. The seminar is for individual income tax only. For more complicated tax matters, or for questions about corporate tax in Sapporo, working with a Japanese tax consultant is always advised. For an introduction to a tax account in Hokkaido, contact us. We are happy to help.

Tax Accountants in Sapporo

Sapporo has many qualified tax professionals, but most of them speak Japanese. There are some Sapporo tax accountants who are accustomed to dealing with foreigners, that speak English, and that are willing to help with taxes for non-residents in Hokkaido. Some have expertise in the specific needs of foreigners buying real estate in Sapporo, and other more complicated situations.

We have a database of tax specialists in Sapporo who can help with both local taxes, income taxes, and corporate taxes. For introductions to Sapporo tax consultants, contact us any time.

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