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List of Tax Accountants for Expats

Many of our clients that rent or buy real estate in Hokkaido are expats living in Sapporo or other Hokkaido cities. As a service to all expats living in Japan, we have prepared this list of companies from several countries that specialize in tax preparation for expatriates.

For foreigners living in Japan, you may already be working on Japanese taxes related to income or real estate taxes. It may be necessary to do that work first, and give those Japanese tax documents to an expat tax specialist to then complete the taxes in your home country.

In this post we list tax accountants from the countries of the top foreign populations in Japan, including Chinese tax accountants, Vietnamese tax consultants, Korean tax services for expats, as well as expat tax companies in the US and the UK. If you’d like an introduction to local Japanese tax accountants that speak English, contact us, we’re happy to help.

Expat Tax Specialists by Country:

  • Tax Services for Chinese Expats

Ecovis China

  1. Location: Shanghai
  2. Website: https://www.ecovis.com/global/locations/china/
  3. Email: info@ecovis.cn
  4. Phone number: +86 21-6105-7333

China Tax

  1. Location: Hong Kong
  2. Website: https://china-tax.net
  3. Email: enquiry@china-tax.net
  4. Phone number: +86 852-2374-0067
  5. Services: Advice involving tax treaties between Hong Kong and Japan, HK taxation on property investment, corporate tax in Greater China and in the Indo Pacific Region

  • Tax Services for Vietnamese Expats

Acclaimed Vietnam

  1. Location: Ho Chi Minh
  2. Website: https://vietnam.acclime.com/
  3. Email: vietnam@acclime.com
  4. Phone number: +84 28-3535-8200

Vina Bookkeeping

  1. Location: Ho Chi Minh
  2. Website: https://vinabookkeeping.com/
  3. Email: info@vbk.vom.vn
  4. Phone number: +84 28-3821-0375

  • Tax Services for Expats from Hong Kong

  • Tax Services for Expats from Hong Kong


  1. Location: Hong Kong
  2. Website: https://www.cwhkcpa.com/
  3. Email: cw@cwhkcpa.com
  4. Phone number: +852 2956-3798


  1. Location: Hong Kong
  2. Website: https://www.nova.com.hk/
  3. Email: sales@nova.com.hk
  4. Phone number: +852 3180-7888

  • Tax Services for Filipino Expats

AHC Accounting

  1. Location: Taguig
  2. Website: https://ahcaccounting.com/contact/
  3. Email: info@ahcaccounting.com
  4. Phone number: +63 2-8424-1350

Triple i Consulting

  1. Location: Makati City
  2. Website: https://www.tripleiconsulting.com/accounting-outsourcing-services/tax-consulting/
  3. Email: info@tripleiconsulting.com
  4. Phone number: +63 2-8540-9623

  • Tax Services for Brazilian Expats

Tersi Advocacia

  1. Location: Asa Sul
  2. Website: https://tersi.adv.br
  3. Email: contato@tersi.adv.br
  4. Phone number: +55 61-99683-8894

Personal Tax Brasil

  1. Location: São Paulo
  2. Website: https://personaltax.com.br
  3. Email: japandesk@personaltax.com.br
  4. Phone number: +55 11-3777-8079
  5. Services: Brazilian individual taxation
  6. Other information: Has a team of Japanese speakers that provide specialized tax support

  • Tax Services for Nepalese Expats


  1. Location: Kathmandu
  2. Website: https://ecovis.com
  3. Email: kathmandu@ecovis.com
  4. Phone number: +977 01-4544009


  1. Location: Kathmandu
  2. Website: https://nepaltaxonline.com/
  3. Email: nepaltaxonline@gmail.com
  4. Phone number: +977 98-60308500

  • Tax Services for American Expats

Genesis Tax Consulting

  1. Location: Denver
  2. Website: https://www.genesistaxconsultants.com/
  3. Email: nick@genesistaxconsultants.com
  4. Phone number: +1 720-453-2775 ext. 777


  1. Location: Tokyo
  2. Website: https://www.us-taxcpa.com/
  3. Email: dan@us-taxcpa.com
  4. Phone number: +81 3-3353-5626

Greenback Expat Tax Services

  1. Location: Michigan
  2. Website: https://www.greenbacktaxservices.com/
  3. Email: info@greenbacktaxservices.com
  4. Phone number: +1 888-362-5032
  5. Services: Flat fee for US federal tax return, rich experience with US e

  • Tax Services for Expats from the United Kingdom

Price Bailey

  1. Location: UK
  2. Website: https://pricebailey.co.uk
  3. Email: https://www.pricebailey.co.uk/enquiry-form/
  4. Phone number: +44 800-434-6460


  1. Location: London
  2. Website: https://www.taxback.co.uk/
  3. Email: info@taxback.co.uk
  4. Phone number: +44 911-14-1100

  • Tax Services for Swedish Expats


  1. Location: Sweden
  2. Website: https://www.taxhelpsweden.se
  3. Email: hello@taxhelpsweden.se
  4. Phone number: N/A
  5. Services: General tax for individuals, assistance with tax consequences of acquiring Japanese real estate

Nomad Tax

  1. Location: Sweden
  2. Website: https://www.nomadtax.se
  3. Email: hello@nomadtax.se
  4. Phone number: N/A


  1. Location: Stockholm
  2. Website: https://www.simployer.se/produkter/expert/skatt/
  3. Email: info.se@simployer.com
  4. Phone number: +46 31-84-0180

  • Tax Services for South African Expats

Tax Consulting South Africa

  1. Location: Johannesburg
  2. Website: https://www.taxconsulting.co.za/
  3. Email: contact@taxconsulting.co.za
  4. Phone number: +27 11-782-5289
  5. Services: All complex tax matters, especially those involving expats

Sable International

  1. Location: Cape Town
  2. Website: https://www.sableinternational.com/south-african-tax
  3. Email: info@sableinternational.com
  4. Phone number: +27 21-657-2120

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