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Average Price for an Apartment in Hakodate

As part of our series on Hakodate real estate, we present our research on the types of apartments in Hakodate, and the average rent for an apartment in Hakodate.

Hakodate is the third largest city in Hokkaido. The population of Hakodate as of 2023 is 243,942 people. Hakodate is a relatively large city, and there are a lot of apartments for rent in Hakodate.

We can help introduce you to local Hakodate real estate agents that can help you rent an apartment. For help with apartments in Hakodate, contact us.

Average Hakodate Apartment Rental Prices

Based on research conducted by our team here in Hokkaido, the average rent for an apartment in Hakodate is ¥67,240 (or about $450 USD, as of late 2023).

The “average price” is for all rental listings, including different sizes and locations in Hakodate. Below we will provide more specifics and details to help you understand the range of prices for apartments in Hakodate. As with any city, the location and features of the apartment will influence the rental price.

Hakodate Apartments for Rent

The size of the apartment is the main factor that determines the price of rent for an apartment in Hakodate.

Hakodate apartments (like all apartments in Japan) use the “LDK” system, which means “living room, dining room, kitchen,” typically preceded by a number that indicates the number of bedrooms. “1LDK Hakodate” is a common size for an apartment, and that means: one bedroom, a living room, kitchen, and dining area. 2LDK means a two bedroom apartment in Hakodate.

Smaller apartments will still include the number, but may not include a living room or kitchen. A 1R apartment in Hakodate is basically a very basic studio apartment (primarily just a place to sleep, maybe with a microwave and a machine for hot water for very simple cooking). 1DK would be a studio with a dining area and a kitchen.

This basic system gives you an idea of the size of apartment in Hakodate. It is not an indication of the quality of the apartment. While most people would prefer a spacious apartment, it is possible to have a very nice studio apartment, and also possible to have a large apartment that is of low quality or in undesirable part of town.

For Hakodate apartments (as in other cities), price and quality are not always the same thing.

Average Rent for a Studio Apartment in Hakodate

One room apartment rentals in Hakodate rent for about ¥40,290 (~$270 USD, as of 2023) per month.

As we discussed above in our descriptions of apartment sizes in Hakodate, a 1R or 1DK (“1R” or a “one room mansion”, what we would call a studio in the West) will have basically one space for eating and sleeping, and would likely be a small unit (generally speaking, but perhaps especially so in Japan). Studio apartments in Hakodate would be about 18m2 (or 200 sq ft).

If you don’t need much space, the price for a 1DK apartment in Hakodate would be about 39% less than the average apartment in Hakodate.

Average Rent for a One Bedroom Apartment in Hakodate

Moving up in price from the studios, there are many Hakodate one bedroom apartments for rent. In our research, 1LDKs in Hakodate were the most common apartment unit.

For a one bedroom apartment in Hakodate the average rent is ¥52,800 (or approximately $350 USD, as of late 2023).

As there are so many one bedroom apartments in Hakodate, you should assume you could find them in a range of sizes, with a different quality of living depending on the individual unit. A Hakodate 1LDK might be bigger than 18m2, maybe 20 to 30m2 (as big as 300 to 350 sq ft).

Due to various changes in the demographics and lifestyle choices, more Japanese are living alone, thus developers have produced a lot of 1LDK apartments. Most single people live in 1LDKs. Managed rental apartments for business travelers to Hakodate would typically be designed for single occupancy. Many Hakodate university students will also choose to live in their own apartment.

For comparison to other cities, the average rent for a 1LDK in Sapporo is ¥48,567, which is lower than Hakodate rent for an 1LDK. Hakodate is a smaller city, has a declining population, and fewer opportunities for work, but the cost for housing in Hakodate is higher than Sapporo. Presumably, the greater supply in Sapporo helps to reduce the price there.

A Hakodate one-bedroom apartment is about 21% less expensive than that average rental unit in the city. The price for an apartment goes up as the size of the unit increases.

Average Rent for a Two Bedroom Apartment in Hakodate

For many people, a 2LDK in Hakodate will be their first choice. A two-bedroom apartment in Hakodate is a better fit for families, or for households that want more space for an office, guests, or other uses.

The standard rent for a two bedroom apartment in Hakodate (2LDK) is ¥61,600 (or $410 USD, as of early 2023). A two bedroom rental would would be considerably bigger than most apartments, maybe 45 to 55m2 (500 to 600 sq ft).

That price for a 2LDK is still about 8% below the overall average price for an apartment in Hakodate (which tells you that the biggest apartments in Hakodate are much more expensive than most other choices).

Average Rent for a Three Bedroom Apartment in Hakodate

For a much bigger place, there are three bedroom apartments for rent in Hakodate (3LDK). ¥80,900 is the middle range for a 3LDK apartment in Hakodate (or a little over $540 USD, as of early 2023).

The rent for a 3LDK apartment in Hakodate is about 20% above the average rent in Hakodate, but is also much bigger. A 3LDK unit in Hakodate would be approximately 50 to 80m2 (or 600 to 900 sq ft) or larger.

There are not nearly as many 3LDKs in Hakodate; there are only about 20% as many 3LDKs in Hakodate as there are 1 LDKs. You should expect fewer choices for three bedroom units.

Houses for Rent in Hakodate

For some renters in Hakodate, a stand-alone house would allow for opportunities to have a dog, to garden, perhaps to have a yard for exercise or where children can play.

It is a general trend that there are not many detached homes for rent in Hokkaido. Apartments are common, but a single family home for rent in Hakodate will probably be rare.

If you are looking to rent a house in Hakodate for an extended stay (one year contract and beyond), contact us and we can introduce you to a Hakodate agent that may be able to help you find local houses for rent.

Rent in Hakodate Depends on Many Factors

The location and quality of the apartment impact the monthly rent for an apartment in Hakodate as much as (or more than) the size. A very good neighborhood could easily be twice as expensive as a less popular location. As the Japanese are notorious for being willing to pay a premium for new construction, a very nice unit that is a few years old could be much less expensive than a brand new one (this is true for new condominiums or houses in Hakodate, but also for apartments).

There is a long list of factors that influence the average rent for an apartment. Location (in general) is a primary factor. As always, proximity to public transportation will effect the price of rent. The availability of parking could easily increase rent by 10 to 20% (even for the same unit, in the same building).

Your individual tastes and personal requirements will most likely be the biggest determinant for how much it costs to rent an apartment in the city of Hakodate.

Real Estate Agents in Hakodate

We specialize in making personalized, one-to-one introductions to real estate agents.

As Hakodate is a smaller city, and less popular with foreigners than Sapporo, a good agent that speaks your language would be very helpful as you try to rent an apartment in Hakodate, and to make appointments so to see individual properties.

If you’re interested in buying a house in Hakodate, or in available land for sale in the Hakodate area, you can contact us and we will introduce you to prescreened Hakodate real estate brokers that speak your language.

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