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2023 Hakodate Population Statistics

In support of our research on real estate in Hakodate, we provide some reporting and data on the topic of Hakodate population statistics. In the post below, we will provide details on Hakodate population trends, and comparisons to some other major cities in Hokkaido. We’ll also provide some details about the population of foreigners living in Hakodate.

Hakodate City Population

What is the population of Hakodate?

Hakodate is the third largest city in Hokkaido. The current population of Hakodate is 243,942 residents. Below we show data for the population of Hakodate by year.

YearTotal Hakodate Population

Source: City of Hakodate

Hakodate Population vs Other Hokkaido Cities

Hakodate is located on Hokkaido, the most northern island in Japan. Hakodate is the third largest city on the island of Hokkaido.

There are two cities in Hokkaido with a larger population than Hakodate: The population of Sapporo is approximately 1,969,000 residents (about 8X larger than Hakodate); as the second biggest city in Hokkaido, Asahikawa has a population of 329,513 (about 17% bigger than Hakodate).

For other comparisons from notable cities: The population of Otaru is 108,525 (which is about half the size of Hakodate), and the population of the Niseko region is close to 14,580 (about 5% of the size of Hakodate).

Non-Japanese and Foreigners in Hakodate

We provide details on the number of foreigners living in Hakodate in a separate report, but we can provide a brief overview here:

As of 2022, there were only approximately 1,350 foreigners living in Hakodate (less than 1% of the total population). In recent years, the number of residents of Hakodate from foreign countries has generally increased, but the total number is still a small percentage of the local population.

The largest non-native populations living in Hakodate are from Vietnam, China, and Korea.

Hakodate Population Trends

It is part of the current demographic trends that the overall population of Japan is decreasing; Hakodate is a part of that trend. The total population of Hakodate peaked in 2005 at 299,823 residents. At 243,942 residents, the current population of Hakodate is only 81% of the 2005 total.

While the overall population of Hakodate has declined since 2005, both the population of foreigners living in Hakodate and that percentage of the population have generally increased year over year.

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