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Average Price for Land in Niseko

As we work with clients that are interested in buying property in Niseko, we have receive many requests about Niseko land prices. Visitors come to Niseko on vacation, enjoy the snow and the natural environment, and often begin thinking about buying a house in Niseko, or make plans to buy Niseko land for development (immediately, or in the future).

Which leads to a common question:

“How much is land in Niseko?”

Niseko Land Price per Square Meter

As of this report, the average price for undeveloped land in Niseko is about ¥93,000 per square meter. For comparison, the average price for land in Sapporo is closer to ¥189,000 per square meter – or approximately twice as costly. With the greater availability of land, and fewer competing uses for that land, the price of land is Niseko is comparatively lower.

While Niseko has some truly one-of-kind outdoor experiences (the most famous of which center around the winter ski season), there is not much in terms of local industry, and with relatively few jobs outside of tourism and hospitality, historical demand for land in Niseko isn’t as strong as more year-round cities.

Why is Land Less Expensive in Niseko?

Hokkaido was developed late in Japan’s history, has much more open land, and is less densely populated than most of Japan. That is true for much of Hokkaido, and more so in areas like Niseko that are outside of major cities.

As we show in our report about the population of Niseko, Niseko is “the smallest big city in Japan,” and has a very small population (just a fraction of the Sapporo population). The relatively remote location, mountainous terrain, and lack of industry and amenities, means very few people live in that region full time compared to other parts of Japan. In fact, some recent trends show that while the population of foreigners in Niseko continues to grow, Niseko’s overall population may be declining somewhat. All of these factors contribute to less demand, and lower prices for land in the region.

However, while the average plot of land is Niseko is less expensive than high-demand areas like Sapporo, housing prices in the Niseko area are still much higher. There are fewer working-class people in Niseko compared to more fully-developed areas, less “typical” housing, and a higher percentage of the houses are in the “luxury” category, or would be listed as “vacation homes” in Niseko.

The Price of Land in Niseko is Increasing

Based on recent data, the price of Niseko land is increasing.

While data on Niseko land sales transactions each year is limited, there is some data from government sources that can be used to assess the change in value of Niseko undeveloped land. According to our research, land prices in Niseko appreciated by 4.7% in 2022, and were up 7.7% in 2021.

The Niseko land price appreciation is part of broader trend of increasing real estate value in Hokkaido. For more information, see our recent report on the price of land in Sapporo (and other nearby cities).

Demand for Land in Niseko

As we work with our clients, requests to buy land in Niseko are common for many reasons. Some buyers have a desire to buy forest land in Niseko and work with a local Niseko architect to build a cabin or a vacation home. There is also the speculative angle, where many see Niseko as a business play; looking to buy land now, and resell it (or develop it) for a return on investment as Niseko continues to grow.

The arrival of the shinkansen in 2033 will bring added convenience and likely many more visitors (and potentially residents) to Niseko. That incoming infrastructure has likely already increased the sense of the value of land in Niseko, and may continue to drive demand for available plots of land for sale in the Niseko region.

Real Estate Agents in Niseko

There is an active real estate market in Niseko. Both the local Japanese and foreigners are passionate about the future of Niseko, generating a lot of interested to buy and sell Niseko real estate.

As our clients ask for more details on available land, we make person-to-person introductions to real estate agents in Niseko. We have several, experienced agents in our network that can offer specific, local advice about Niseko land purchases. For an introduction to Niseko real estate advisor, contact us anytime.

We make introductions to real agents that speak English (and other languages). Our service is free to you.

We work for you, not the real estate companies.

We provide person-to-person introductions to prescreened agents that help you sell, buy, lease, or rent property in Hokkaido. We search our custom database to connect you to real estate professionals that speak your language, address your needs and are available now to help you find what you want.

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