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Bright!Tax is an established US expat tax firm proudly serving the American community overseas since 2013. Founded and led by current and former US expats, Bright!Tax brings kindness, ease, and expertise to every US tax return, ensuring a seamless filing experience. Whether you’re a first-time filer, need to catch up on US tax returns, or have a complex personal or business tax situation, Bright!Tax’s CPAs are capable of handling any scope of tax project.

Focused areas

Bright!Tax CPAs are specialists in US expat tax, enabling them to offer expat tax filing services across the full spectrum of US tax needs. Regardless of the scope or complexity of your US tax needs, they are able to meet you where you are and ensure your return is filed correctly and to your best advantage.

Additionally, Bright!Tax’s expertise lends itself to anyone with US tax obligations, including non-resident aliens and Green Card holders.

Get started on your US expat taxes with Bright!Tax.

Contact Information

  1. Location: Worldwide; Fully-remote
  2. Website: www.brighttax.com
  3. Email: hello@brighttax.com
  4. Phone number: +1 212-465-2528

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We are a Japanese company, located in Sapporo, Japan (Hokkaido) serving clients from all over the world.

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