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For Agents: We Want to Bring You New Clients

We are a local Hokkaido real estate consulting company that makes personal introductions between Hokkaido real agents and clients from all over the world. We offer a personal service connecting agents (like you) with clients that want to buy/ sell property or rent an apartment.

We screen clients and when they are ready to buy, sell, or rent a property we send them to you.

Our service is free.

We Help Agents:

If you are a real estate professional we have customers for you.

  1. Buying Property: Our clients need agents to help them buy property
  2. Selling Property: Our clients need agents to help them sell property
  3. Renting Apartments: Our clients need agents to help them rent a house or apartment
  4. Commercial Reality: Our clients need help leasing/buying commercial real estate

Our Goal:

  1. We introduce our clients to trusted, local Hokkaido agents
  2. We introduce local Hokkaido agents to clients that need help with real estate
  3. We provide a personal service that helps the Hokkaido real estate community

How It Works: (For Agents)

  1. We list your skills and abilities in an Agent Profile
  2. We include your profile in our list of available agents (our “database”)
  3. When clients come to our website we determine what services they need
  4. We search our database for agents that can satisfy the client’s needs
  5. We introduction the client to those agents
  6. We follow-up to ensure the client was helped

We Create A Profile for You:

Contact us to create your Agent Profile (it takes less than five minutes).

In your Agent Profile, we will ask you some simple questions about your area of specialty (sales, rentals, etc), which cities in Hokkaido you know best (Sapporo, Asahikawa, Hakodate, etc), what languages you speak (Japanese, English, Mandarin, etc), and other details. We user your information to determine if you can help our clients.

When we find visitors that need your services, we contact you and make a person-to-person introduction. You will then work directly with the client to help them with their property needs.

Get Started Now:

When clients come to our website, we search our records to find an agent that can help them buy or rent property here in Hokkaido. To be included in our list of agents, contact us and we will create an Agent Profile for you and add you to our database. When we have a visitor that needs your services, we will personally contact you to arrange an introduction.

Our service is for free to agents and we are here to help.


  • (+81) 080-6578-1882


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We are a Japanese company, located in Sapporo, Japan (Hokkaido) serving clients from all over the world.

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